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Think You've Got the NAQ?

(Never Asked Questions)

1. So why is it called "Little Egypt?"

According to one webpage I looked at, when Illinois was only four years old (1822) the section of Southern Illinois was already called "Little Egypt." According to a link on the same page:

The exact origin of these nicknames for this region is not entirely clear, but there appear to be a number of factors that have contributed to their development and popularization over time. One reason that the area became popularly known as Egypt centers on Southern Illinois’ role in supplying grain to northern and central Illinois following a harsh winter in 1830-31. Upper Illinois suffered from a long winter and late spring, so crops were not planted until June, and much of that harvest was killed by an early September frost. Southern Illinois, however, was milder that year and produced grain, much of which was shipped north. Wagon trains came south and returned home with corn, and many believe the similarities with the Bible story of Jacob’s sons going to Egypt to buy grain and survive a famine may have resulted in the nickname.

If you travel north a bit to Tuscola, Illinois you'll find a road known as "The Egyptian Trail." According to an oldtimer I knew, the road got the name because it was the route that farmers took to Southern Illinois to get grain. So, I'm at least satisfied with this explanation.

Oh, and just for the fun of it, if you're a fan of the old TV show "The Fugitive," Here's an interesting link.

2. So, why is there a L.E.G.S. (Little Egypt Geocaching Society)?

The Little Egypt Geocaching Society was formed in December of 2002 to promote Geocaching in south-east Illinois and to provide a means for local enthusiasts to share information with each other and the general public.

That's the official story and we're stickin' to it!

3. So, what happens at a L.E.G.S. meeting?

We perform an ancient ritual in which we "H.A.S.S.L.E." each other. Basically the act of H.A.S.S.L.E.-ing involves "Hearing And Sharing Stories, Legends, and Exploits."

Ok, in layman's terms, we talk a lot. We tell each other about some of our recent caching experiences, we share some things we've learned and maybe offer a tip or two on some of the recent caches we've done. We also tend to eat a lot and drink a lot of coffee.

Other than that, we've been known to spend some time setting up temporary caches at our local meetings and treating each other to some challenges. We've also managed to do our part for the community, raising money for Olney, Illinois' Relay For Life. We took home the bronze in May, 2003 for being the third highest organization to raise money. Not too shabby for our first time out!

4. Does it cost money to join L.E.G.S.?

Uuuh, no...that would involve one of us being responsible.

5. How do you remove a stain from silk?

Here ya go

6. Are children welcome at L.E.G.S. meetings?

Absolutely! We've got several kids who are involved, everything from the pre-teen level on up. Having the kids around is a real blast.

7. So where and when do these L.E.G.S. meetings take place?

Normally, we hold meetings on the second Thursday of the month somewhere in the Olney area. Meetings will be posted as event caches and made available on the website.

8. Are there any benefits to being a L.E.G.S. member?

Hmmmmm....none that come to mind off hand. However, you will find yourself a part of the larger geocaching-community in our area. You can expect some good feedback to the caches you've hidden and caches you've found. Also, as geocaching continues to grow and interacts with land managers and others in the area, having an "official local group" is a big plus. I think we all benefit from having an active community of geocachers in the area.

8.5 You serious about the free food? can't hurt to ask now, can it?


9. Ok, you seem like a mostly harmless bunch. How do I join your little group?

Click HERE and enter your email address. We'll set you up on the list.

10. Is there any L.E.G.S. merchandise available?

Contact Scoobie10 if you're interested in an official L.E.G.S. t-shirt.


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